The Mission of Faith Lutheran Church

Faith Lutheran Church is part of, “The body of Christ, proclaiming God’s love for all people,” (our mission statement).  Though we are small and made up of ordinary people, we are extremely blessed in the countless ways our members daily live out the Gospel in word and deed. Together, these are just some of the ways we do that:

  1. We prepare monthly meals in our kitchen for the needy and homeless through our participation in the Intersection in McKeesport, to which we have also given over $26,000.

  2. We volunteer delivering Meals on Wheels (Lutheran Service Society).

  3. We collect food and volunteer for Sonshine Kitchen (Associated Lutheran Ministries) in McKeesport.

  4. We regularly plan family-oriented mission projects in our community.

  5. We support local pregnancy care centers.

  6. We purchase and distribute Christmas gifts for needy kids in our community.

  7. We sponsor a child at the Navaho Lutheran Mission School in Arizona.

  8. We make quilts and health kits for Lutheran World Relief.

  9. We make school kits for needy children.

  10. We take interest in and financially support Womansplace in McKeesport.

  11. We support Fair Trade in developing countries through Lutheran World Relief coffee, chocolate and tea.

  12. We visit shut-ins, and at Christmas, go caroling and deliver fruit baskets.

  13. We’ve reached out to local kids through Vacation Bible School.

  14. We financially support ELCA World Hunger.

  15. When disasters occur, we gather offerings for Lutheran Disaster Response.

  16. We pray for our ELCA missionaries daily at Morning Prayer.

  17. We collect mittens for local children. 

  18. We host Mission on the Mon.

  19. We give to needy members of the church and community through the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.

  20. We give over $23,000 annually to the wider mission of the church and synod, which support vital ministries worldwide.

  21. We’ve given an additional $94,000 to other local ministries and agencies since our Charitable Endowment was established in 1987. 

  22. We’re working with a halfway house for women to create a ministry to help ease them back into society.

  23. We participate in a Village for Kids at Renzie Park.

A Family Mission Day, distributing food at Sonshine Community Ministries.

The Quilters provide a ministry of comfort and warmth for children at Glade Run Lutheran Services, Auberle, and for the elderly at Kane, among others.  They meet 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, on the first and third Thursdays of each month, September-May, and on other announced days throughout the summer. 


The Body of Christ, proclaiming God’s love for all people.


  1.     Jesus Christ is Lord

  2. Commitment to love and serve our congregation, our communities, and all creation

  3. Faithfulness to the Word given through the means of grace

  4. Celebrating the living faith of all the saints

  5. Prayerful openness to the Holy Spirit’s power to transform

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